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      Crafted to impeccable standards using only the finest materials sourced from all over the world, all VAPH products undergo processes of extensive research and quality control. You can be rest assured that your VAPH product is unique owing to special finishing operations done by hand to ensure that the leather has the right look and feel.

      We combine the durability from hand-held technology with the new design-impulses, always maintaining high quality of our products.

      All VAPH products are handcrafted and the variations you might find in the same product stems from this reason and are not imperfections but characteristics of beautifully made bespoke footwear that is a work of art. Reproduction of colors is as accurate as possible, although please note that leather is a natural material and a slight variation is bound to appear in each product.

      Small scratches and marks on the leather surface are a part of the characteristics of the material and they do not qualify as defects. All VAPH products are in accordance to International Standards.

       Please note: Color variations cannot be subject to rejection of merchandise.