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      Get your feet moving.
      Tickle your funny bone.
      Jump-start your new venture.
      Tip the balance.
      Go the extra mile.
      Wander and Wonder.
      Bend and Unbend.
      Be the new age.
      Be VAPH.


      Timeless and Modern. Reputable and Rad. Crafty and Creative. Meet VAPH - creators of finely crafted leather footwear made for the free spirited world citizen. VAPH's collection is a culmination of a leather legacy that has been passed on for generations and modern design techniques from across the world. Made for style aficionados who are young at heart, VAPH is more than a brand – it is a way of life.

      With a strong penchant for quality, design and technique, each VAPH product is crafted to perfection with an eye for detail. Renowned for putting comfort at the forefront, VAPH shoes are designed to make your feet feel at ease. Traditional craftsmanship seamlessly translates to innovative designs creating shoes that reflect the art of leather treatment and texture creation.

      Crafted to impeccable standards using only the finest materials sourced from all over the world, all VAPH products undergo processes of extensive research and quality control. You can be rest assured that your VAPH product is unique owing to special finishing operations done by hand to ensure that the leather has the right look and feel.

      We combine the durability from hand-held technology with the new design-impulses, always maintaining high quality of our products. Explore our e-store and choose from a range of products that are ready to be a part of your journey.

      Happy Shopping!

      Team VAPH.

      P.S- We are open to customization on our existing styles. If you want a different colour, leather, sole, size or fitting, please write to us. We will assess the feasibility and make an earnest attempt to accommodate your request.

      VAPH_Handcrafted Genuine Leather Shoes